Women in Power Workshop

A workshop in discovering and rediscovering yourself?..

Are you struggling to be emotionally intelligent in your relationships.
Are you feeling stuck in your marriage or relationship?
Children too overwhelming, you finding difficult to cope with your life?
Would you like to open new doors in your life, but are afraid, or don?t know how?

Join the next Women In Power Workshop - November 2013 - Oceanic Hotel - North Beach
R890.00 for two day course. (Early bird payment R690.00... before November)
This course will change your life forever....about the way you look at yourself and your relationships

One hour belly dancing lesson included

?Imagine a women, who authors her own life, who refuses to surrender, except to her truest self and to her wisest voice?

I have embarked on a series of workshops to help women change their life and change themselves,  with some  life changing information and exercises to make you a healthier, wiser and happier women.  No more abuse, no more heartbreak, no more uncertainty. Learn the art of Power in relationships Ladies only you can make the life you deserve.

It can be done?.

Join One of the Women?s  Power Plus Workshops.

From Superwomen to a Powerful women

The Women in Power courses are broken up into three Parts.

Part 1 Superwomen to Powerful women ?  

Part 2 Finding yourself & Changing your life in 48 hours ?  
Part 3 How to be Powerful in a Power-filled World ?  

Superwomen to Powerful Women Course

Date : August 2015
Venue: Don Oceanic Hotel (North Beach) La Vita Conference Centre
Time :  8am to 5pm

Your investment : R690.00 ?. (Introductory Offer) + you get goodie bag & vouchers to the value of R500
So you could say the course is Almost FREE. Includes a 1 hour belly dancing lesson.


Ladies between 17-25 years - R399.00 for a lifetime investment you cannot put a price tag on...
 If you are between the ages of 18-45 years this is the course for you?.

Contact Pauline on 0813414772to get the course content and do booking for this thought provoking, life changing course. (SMS are preferred). Limited space available - so Payment due in advance to secure your place.

The Courses is a money back guarantee to change the way you think about your life and Love and relationships.

Change Your Life - Two Day Seminar

Public Event · Pauline Sangham

Cost: R895.00 (R690 earlybird) -

When: T.B.C

Where: Don Oceanic Hotel - La Vita Conference centre

Bookings for Durban  workshop open now! If you are interested in Jhb and Cape Town courses. E-mail  Pauline to get onto the mailing list.

Pauline is called the "Oprah of Women Issues"- 

Pauline Sangham is a Radio producer and presenter, an entrepreneur, humanitarian and relationship coach. She will help you to clarify what inspires you most and light the wild fire of your dreams so you can live your best life and create a better world . She also understands what women go through with menopausal symptoms and endometriosis which affects every part of your life especially your relationships.


To attend email: pauline.sangham@gmail.com

Earlybird payment details:


Standard Bank : Kingsmead

Branch Code :  040026

Account: 331733986




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