Pauline is an expert in the dynamics of relationships and helps hundreds of women and men on a day bases on 

How to have great relationships

* How to be Relationship Savy for Emotional Success

* How to deal with a break-up

* How to play the Game of Relationships

* Spirituality & Relationships

Pauline will change your mindset when it comes to having greatness with relationships. She will help you or heal you. She teaches you how to have a Winning Mindset.

Group Session of 10 - R2000.00 - 2 hours
One on One Session - R100 per hour 

Let Pauline be your relationship coach as you go through your relationship with Sanity. You dont have to spend most of your alone - consult with Pauline, she will change your life in ways you cannot even imagine. She is good at what she does.


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