One thing I have learned in Life, once you get over the hate and start to love, miracles can happen and will happen - Pauline Sangham

If you negotiate with the devil you are guaranteed to lose - Pauline Rosanna Sangham

Patience is the Art of Receiving everything in its OWN time -. Pauline Rosanna Sangham

Being Informed is far better than being opinionated.

If you fight Evil with Evil... who do you think will Win?.. Pauline Rosanna Sangham

BE FREE TO BE YOURSELF, but Remember Freedom aren't Free, being too liberal will cost you something - Pauline Rosanna Sangham

Those who throw stones at an empty tree feel empty themselves. - Pauline Rosanna Sangham

Only good thoughts can create a cheerful and a beautiful heart - Pauline Rosanna Sangham It is better to make a difference than to make a point

learning never takes place when you are talking

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